Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas / New Years Plans... ?

What are folks doing for Christmas and New Years? I will be in California for Christmas - staying at Des's partents house and doing the kid-in-the-mornin' thing. New Years is still up in the air... possibly Tahoe, possibly Vegas... dunno. You folks?


I just hit print on my very last paper and Red should be coming out of his tax final any minute.

I AM SO EXCITED!!! HOORAY! Christmas is coming! Time to play!!!!

P.S. It is 14 degrees outside.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sharon to Italy in 2006

I just received word from my boss Irvin that I will be going to Milan, Italy sometime during Q1 to train the new document control person that will start after the first of the year. Irvin has also told me that I should take an extra week there to travel around and see the sites. Yeeeees!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Christie!

Don't have much more to say than that title. I will put photos of her on my site when my papers are turned in (Wednesday).

San Francisco

Hi there. We had a blast in San Francisco at the partaaay. It was great to see Bob, Theresa, Ralph, Wanda, Joe and Des the singing sensation. We didn't even know she was a singer! I still have to post some pictures on my little site ( of our trip.
We decorated our Christmas tree tonight and have a very busy week until it is off to Whistler we go. It will be nice to see everyone on Christmas at Ralph and Wanda's. Wanda, what should we bring?
Nice blog, Joe. Keep up the great work and good luck at your new job. It sounds like a lot of fun.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Great Idea

Thanks Joe for bringing our family into the 20th Century....oops, I mean the 21st. Here is my first posting to a weblog!

As long as I am talking about the times we live in, it is a sad comment on the busy lives we lead that it takes a trip to San Francisco to finally get together with Karen and Mark for more than a few minutes, something we've been trying to organize for the last three months...I am excited about heading to San Francisco tomorrow (where there is no snow in the forecast) for Theresa's party. I hope the rest of you have fun with all the preparations for the big moves, finals and the holidays!


Well hello. This is a cool idea. I am doing a test post so I can see how it works. Here is a picture of Colleen Dearey and her family at her wedding.

It's actually quite easy to post. When you get to the opening screen, click the button to register, fill in the info (nothing personal, just a username and password that you create) and then you can post. There is a tiny icon of a picture that you click to insert pictures, like I just did.

I don't have much more to say, especially since you can always read my random musings at, but the latest news is that it is supposed to snow 8 inches tonight which will most likely delay Red's big test until Dec. 20th. This is a SUPER bummer and means we won't able to have the 10 glorious days of relaxation we were hoping to have before flying home. Never before have I prayed for it NOT to snow, but I seriously don't want it to snow. For once.

That is all for now. I hope the move goes well this week for everyone!


Nuxoll Family Blog

Hello everyone,

This is the first posting in the Nuxoll family weblog. Any Nuxoll can post to this weblog and anyone else in the world can read it! (including Nuxolls, of course). Enjoy and try to keep it under 10,000 words at a time, dad!