Thursday, October 19, 2006

Holiday Plans

Yo Nuxoll team! Just wanted to update you all that Red booked our flights home. We will arrive in Seattle on the 19th of December and stay until January 1st. Can't wait to see everyone!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


It's official! I got my tickets for World Cup 2006. I'll be in Germany for two weeks in June. I have tickets to the first round USA games (June 12, 17, 22). More details later! Or not... ;-)

Thursday, March 30, 2006


The flight is booked. I am going to Italy. It is official. Since the company is paying for my hotel during my visit (and my flights and meals, etc.), I thought that it would be a good idea to hook someone up with a free hotel stay while I am there. So I mentioned it to Ellen and she's decided to meet me in Milan, Italy. It's going to be so fun! I am leaving on April 8th (Sat), arriving on the 9th, working from the 10-14th, staying with a co-worker/friend for the weekend and during Easter, traveling through Italy and flying back on April 19th (Wed). I will do my proper Nuxoll duty and go to the Alfa Romeo museum and take lots of pictures for Dad. I promised. And I also want to see the racetrack in Monza that Tom has talked about. Ellen will take day trips while I am at work. During the weekend and for the extra days, we were going to go to Tuscany and Venice. We may just take day trips since they are only 2-3 hours away from my friend's house, or we may stay over a few days and hit the town. Either way, I am embarking on my first journey in a foreign-speaking land. Wish me luck! Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure of Red and me when I was visiting M&R during my training for work:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

surgery update

FYI - I just got back from Florida and my surgery was cancelled because I have bronchitis and pink eye. Pretty hot. Photos of spring break are coming soon. We had a great time in Florida. Maybe too much fun in retrospect, but hopefully I will get better soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sharon to attend training in NEW JERSEY

That's right, no joke. This will be my third trip to visit Mary and Red in NJ when some of you lame people haven't even made it there once! Muhahaha. I'll be leaving on Thursday, March 2nd and coming back Wednesday, March 8th. The training is called "Document Management & Control." Sounds riveting, eh? Either way, I get a free airline ticket! I can't wait to see M&R again!!!

On a personal note, yes, I'm still single, just resigned my apartment lease for another year and I actually just set myself up on to meet new friends and possibly get some dates. I'm not into the St. Louise speed dating thing Mom, sorry. Online is the way to go these days, or so I hear. Turns out, everyone I ever went to ECHS with is on myspace too!

My friend Monica Lulko (right) is getting married in Seattle this August and she has asked me to be her maid of honor or M.O.H. as Mary likes to call it (I'm 2 for 2 now, NICE). Monica is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, so she frequently travels to Seattle for weekend wedding dress shopping excursions. There are 6 bridesmaids and we have decided on the beautiful bubble gum pink dress below. Monica finally picked out her dress from Brides by Demetrios after a rediculous amount of time searching. An old friend from Eastside works there, so we worked out a cool ECHS discount for the lovely bride. The picture on the right is the actual dress.

Other than that, I'm just on the Aunt Sharon baby watch for the new little baby girl Nuxoll. I just can't wait to meet her and cuddle her and kiss her and love her! Sam says she is just about ready to pop and emailed me earlier this week with the subject heading of "Nothing" and then went further into detail about how NOTHING was happening with the baby and she was about ready to go crazy! Priceless. Hey, I can tease now but I'm sure I'll eventually have the exact same problem...give me about 5+ years or so.

Here's a picture of me at New Year's with my friend from work, Venissa. She is one crazy girl!

Peace out and stay classy.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hi everyone. I just want to post the Hoboken forecast for you:

Snow in the morning...then a chance of snow in the afternoon. Snow may be heavy at times in the morning with visibility one quarter mile or less at times. Total accumulation of 10 to 16 inches. Windy and cooler with highs in the mid 20s. North winds 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.

How exciting is that? Also, I updated the website again with hilarious head gear jokes. You should go read it.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We love the Seahawks!!

We saw the plays.....we yelled and screamed....but we sure hated the outcome.... We were surrounded by what felt like 50 million Steeler fans in Detroit and people from Seattle were few and far between. When we did see other Seahawks fans we met with high fives and lots of smiles. It was cold and rainy/snowy in the city but that didn't stop people from exploring the festivities-- the NFL Experience with interactive games, historical and promotional information and the Motown Winter Blast that was suffering from a lack of winter. With the warm weather until Saturday, the ice scuplture exhibit melting and dog sledding events were being held on grass instead of snow. The snow finally started in earnest on Saturday and it was downright cold on Sunday and Monday.

People we met were nice, even if they were rooting for the Steelers. The half time show really got the stadium started up. Before the game we saw Stevie Wonder and the Four Tops and aretha Franklin, and lots of good music during the game (including lots of U2!).

We also saw lots of interesting sites in Detroit (yes, they do exist), including the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Henry Ford Musuem, a tour of the Ford Rouge Factory where they do the final assembly on F-150 pickups (it was quite amazing to see the assembly process), and the art museum and science museum at Cranbrook.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Christmas photos galore!

Hello everyone! Just thought I would let you know that Red taught me how to do the big picture pages finally, so I posted all our Christmas photos.

There is a set of ridiculously cute photos of baby Jay. I also put up other stuff that has ample material of Sharon and me.

Other than that, Red and I are doing well and enjoying the much more relaxed start of the semester (as opposed to finals). I am still working on my 45 page paper on international software piracy again. You know what this means.... excessive procrastination strikes again.

So go to and enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2006


The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl on February 5th. Awesome!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ECHS Reunion

FYI - there is an all class reunion going on at Eastside the weekend of June 18th -20th to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Lisa Luger is planning it. It is also my 10 year reunion, so I'll be there.