Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We love the Seahawks!!

We saw the plays.....we yelled and screamed....but we sure hated the outcome.... We were surrounded by what felt like 50 million Steeler fans in Detroit and people from Seattle were few and far between. When we did see other Seahawks fans we met with high fives and lots of smiles. It was cold and rainy/snowy in the city but that didn't stop people from exploring the festivities-- the NFL Experience with interactive games, historical and promotional information and the Motown Winter Blast that was suffering from a lack of winter. With the warm weather until Saturday, the ice scuplture exhibit melting and dog sledding events were being held on grass instead of snow. The snow finally started in earnest on Saturday and it was downright cold on Sunday and Monday.

People we met were nice, even if they were rooting for the Steelers. The half time show really got the stadium started up. Before the game we saw Stevie Wonder and the Four Tops and aretha Franklin, and lots of good music during the game (including lots of U2!).

We also saw lots of interesting sites in Detroit (yes, they do exist), including the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Henry Ford Musuem, a tour of the Ford Rouge Factory where they do the final assembly on F-150 pickups (it was quite amazing to see the assembly process), and the art museum and science museum at Cranbrook.


Blogger Karen said...

Love the view of the Stones stage! What a great camera you must have. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is so great that you got to go.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Mary Kopczynski said...

Great talking with you the other night! Those are amazing photos! I had no idea there were things to do in Detroit. Maybe Red and I will have to go there sometime.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Joe Nuxoll said...

I had a superbowl party here and wore my Seattle Sounders shirt (closest thing I had). I was pretty bummed about the outcome too... :-(

10:01 PM  

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